Publications by the Director & Research

Download the list of publications by Carole-Lynne Le Navenec RN, PhD, Director of CAIT:

  1. Aldiabat, K., Alsrayheen, E., Le Navenec, C., Aquino-Russell, C., & Al Qadire, M. (2021). An enjoyable retirement: Lessons learned from retired nursing professors. Central European Journal of Nursing and Midwifery, 12(2), 1-10.
  2. Hirst, S., Stares, R., & Le Navenec, C. (2021). An open letter to student authors: Addressing the challenges. International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship (IJNSS), 8 (Article # 57), 1-9.
  3. Hirst, S., & Le Navenec, C. (2021, February). The benefits of lifelong learning for older adults. AAGmag, 42(1), 3-5 [Free copies available by sending email to:]
  4. Le Navenec, C. (2021, May 4). Four books written by people living with dementia: Another way of hearing their voices and contributing to research. Dementia Connections Canada:
  5. Hirst, S., & Le Navenec, C. (2021). The intertwining of occupational devotion, serious leisure, and lifelong learning: Creating a peer-reviewed journal. International Journal of the Sociology of Leisure [published online Sept. 2021]
  6. Hirst, S., Stares, R., & Le Navenec, C. (2021). An open letter to student authors: Addressing the challenges. International Journal of Nursing Student Scholarship (IJNSS), 8 (Article # 57), 1-9.
  7.  Hirst, S., & Le Navenec, C. (In Press, 2021). Professor Emeritus: A “Neglected” Mentor on University Campuses.Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching (PPLT), 5, pp TBA.
  8. Briks, A. L., Wiebe, M. L., Hirst, S. P., Freeman-Cruz, E. A., Le Navenec, C., & Groeneweg, G. (2020). Drawn Together Through Group Art Therapy: Intervention Responses of Adults with a Traumatic Brain Injury. Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy, 54(3), 349-387. Retrieved from
  9. Hirst, S., Stares, R., & Le Navenec, C. (2020). Social entrepreneurship education within post-secondary institutions. Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching (PPLT), 4, 76-84. Retrieved July 4, 2020, from:
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  22. Le Navenec, C., & Bridges, L. (Eds.) (2005). Creating connections between nursing care and the creative arts therapies Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas. (NOTE): Both authors contributed 2 chapters to the book and performed extensive editorial work on the case studies submitted by each author for the other 18 chapters. CLL coordinated all the graphic and word-processing activities. Both authors contributed to the final revisions
  23. Hagen, B., Armstrong-Esther, C., Quail, P., Williams, R.J., Norton, P., Le Navenec, C. (2005). Neuroleptic and benzodiazepine use in long-term care in urban and rural Alberta: Characteristics and results of an education intervention to ensure appropriate use. International Psychogeriatrics, 17(4), 631- 652.
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  27. Le Navenec, C., & Slaughter, S. (2001). Laughter is the best medicine: Music, humor, and reminiscence. Nursing Times, 97(30), 42-43.
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  30. Le Navenec, C. (1997). Understanding the social context of families experiencing dementia: A Qualitative approach. In B.M.L. Miesen & G.M. Jones (Eds.), Caregiving in dementia: Research and applications (Vol. 2, pp. 210-231). London: Routledge.
  31. Le Navenec, C., & Vonhof, T. (1996). One day at a time: How families manage the experience of dementia. Westport, CO: Auburn House (an imprint of Greenwood Publishing Company) *[NOTE: Winner of Best Books of the Year Award - Gerontological Nursing, American Journal of Nursing:
  32. Le Navenec, C., McKiel, E., Choon, S.C., Dunki, M., & Rupcich, C. (1993). Saunders’ self-assessment and review guide for nursing (2nd ed.). Toronto: W.B. Saunders.
  33. Le Navenec, C. (1993) PhD thesis: The illness career of family subsystems experiencing dementia: Predominant phases and styles of managing. Available on: This was a short-term, longitudinal investigation, involving a self-selected non-clinical sample (N=39 family subsystems—over 80 individuals) in which I used a case study approach, and 3 guiding theoretical perspectives (a family stress perspective, a family systems perspective—including Wright & Leahey’s nsg model, and a symbolic interactionist-phenomenological perspective). I was fortunate to have the late Dr. Tom Kitwood at one of my mentors. He’s known for person-centered care. Although he lived in the UK, we got together at several international conferences to fine-tune the thesis. His sister was a nurse up in Edmonton. Was a ton of work but the Dept. of Sociology, University of Toronto was very demanding.
  34. Le Navenec, C. (1988). The care process with dementia patients: A practical handbook for nursing home staff and family caregivers. Calgary, AB: Department of Communications Media, University of Calgary.
  35. Hannah, K. (Ed.) et al.*. (1985). Saunders’ self assessment and review guide for nursing. Toronto, ON., Canada: W.B. Saunders. *[NOTE Authors listed alphabetically were: Gillis, A., Henley, C., Hoffman, J., Le Navenec, C., and Mc Kiel,


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Video Introduction: Music Therapy for People with Dementia

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