The CAIT Research Group

[pronounced KATE]

The Creative Arts/Integrative Therapies in Health Care Research Group (CAIT) was established at the University of Calgary in 1998 to promote research, education and develop specific projects regarding the effectiveness and therapeutic benefits of the alternative/complementary treatment modalities and the creative arts in health care. The goals of the CAIT group are:

  • to coordinate educational and research resources in CAIT within the University
  • to encourage and support research and investigation into the beneficial effects of the creative arts in healthcare
  • to demonstrate the valuable roles that the creative arts and integrative therapies can play to enhance the healing process
  • to provide support for students interested in pursuing education or research in the areas of alternative/complementary therapies or the creative arts therapies
  • to develop partnerships with private and public agencies in the City of Calgary, The Province of Alberta and other parts of Canada and internationally for the purposes of promoting services, education and research in the interest areas of CAIT
  • to develop a local, national and international reputation for excellence in research
  • to promote dissemination of knowledge through discussions, seminars and publications


Download the list of publications by Carole-Lynne Le Navenec RN, PhD, Director of CAIT:

Music composed by Jon Parr Vijinski. SOCAN/ASCAP.
Photographs taken whilst hiking Friday October 23rd, 2015.
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