Due to curriculum changes at the University of Calgary, our following three credit courses are not offered at present. However, we plan to redesign them so that they will be of interest to students and health professionals from a range of disciplines. Possibly some will be designed for older adults who are attending University of the 3rd Age / Universite de la 3eme Age. One version of each of the courses will be for undergraduate credit and a related version will be for graduate student credit.  

These credit courses are as follows:

  1. Introduction to Music and Sound for the Helping Professions:  this course will be taught completely online---possibly as a Spring course-- by Dr Le Navenec and a musicologist and/or music therapist

  2. Introduction to Clinical Art Therapy for the Health Professions. This course would be taught by a board certified, masters prepared  Clinical Art Therapist , Mr Alan Briks or his delegate. It would likely be in Spring or Fall session and would be taught on campus---hopefully in a Department of Art

  3. Introduction to Dance/Movement Therapy, and Drama Therapy for the Health Professions. This course has been taught in the past by a dance/movement therapist who has a Master's degreee in Psychology and a drama therapist who has a Master's degreee in Social Work,.

    Drop me a note if you would be interested in taking such a course.
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