Sally Trask

Sally Trask (Grad Dipl. DMT, Dance Movement Therapist Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Telephone: (work) 403-228-1220 (home) 403-228-1232 Email:

Research Interests/Research Involvement

I am a Graduate student in Dance Movement Therapy. I have worked with adults (on an acute psychiatric ward) and children (with various special needs). Recent work includes Dance Movement Therapy with children who have global delay, particularly speech delay. With regard to my MA studies I am interested in researching the connection between Dance Movement Therapy and speech and language development. (See additional information on my brochure.)


What is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance Movement Therapy is a creative art therapy based on the belief that the mind and body are linked, ie. what is experienced in the body and vice versa. Feelings and emotions can often be accessed and worked on through dance and movement leading to further integration and wholeness of the self.

Historically, dance is one of the oldest forms of expression and has been used in many societies for rites of passage, celebration and healing. Dance Movement Therapy is a rediscovery of the power of dance.

Noted researchers and practitioners in Dance Movement therapy state that "self-expression facilitates personal growth and change and that verbalisation alone ... cannot touch the full range of human feeling" (Levey, 1995) and that "Some people can dance what they dare not express in words" (Berger cited in Levy, 1995).

The Association of Dance Movement Therapy UK adopted definition of Dance Movement Therapy is:
"the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance through which a person can engage creatively in a process to further their emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration".

Dance Movement Therapy can be of benefit to adults, adolescents and children whit diverse physical or emotional issues in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, social services and private practice. No dance experience is required.

What can dance movement therapy offer?

The opportunity to explore and experience the following through movement:

  • Individuality - find your own inner dance to follow your life path.
  • Freedom of self-expression.
  • Decision making and choices.
  • Acceptance of your "Self".
  • Increased body movement awareness of yourself and others.
  • Moving beyond personal limitations - expanding your movement range can create new ways of being in the world.
  • Interpersonal interaction and communication.
  • Reducing tension.
  • Exercise, fun, creativity.

I Aim To

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment to assist individuals in self-expression and interaction through movement with the awareness that moving towards better health and wholeness can be a positive and enjoyable process.
  • My work as a Dance Movement Therapist comes from my passion for dance and expressive movement and a belief in the mind/body connection.

Personal Background

  • Post Graduate Diploma in DMT from Roehampton Institute London (Surrey University).
  • Psychotherapy and Councelling Certificate from Regent's College, London, England.
  • Associate member of the ADMT (England) and the ADTA (US)
  • Qualified to provide therapy in private practice with individuals and groups.
  • Experience includes work with autistic and learning disabled children, and adults in both psychiatric and general settings.
  • Relocated to Calgary from London, England in September 1997
Workshops, groups and individual sessions can be arranged by contacting Sally on (403) 228-1220.
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