Patrick Tomczyk

Patrick Tomczyk MA, PhD student, Patrick is a graduate from Concordia University’s Drama Therapy program in Montreal and is a member of the North American Drama Therapy Association. Currently residing in Calgary Alberta, Patrick is in private practice, as well as teaching with the Calgary Board of Education. He is working toward a PhD in Secondary Education at the University of Alberta, focusing his research on bullying.

What is Drama Therapy? , Drama therapy is the systematic and intentional use of drama/theatre processes and products to achieve the therapeutic goals of symptom relief, emotional and physical integration, and personal growth. Drama therapy is an active, experiential approach that facilitates the client's ability to tell his/her story, solve problems, set goals, express feelings appropriately, achieve catharsis, extend the depth and breadth of inner experience, improve interpersonal skills and relationships, and strengthen the ability to perform personal life roles while increasing flexibility between roles.

Research interests, At Risk Youth, Arts Based Research, Health Education, Applied Theatre & Drama Therapy, Arts & Psychotherapy in Mental Health, Gerontology and Oncology.

Contact, Tel: 403-604-5874 , Email:


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