Cheryl Ann T. Oberg

CHERYL ANN T. OBERG MT, CLL WLT Certified Laughter Leader and master trainer, speaker, therapeutic clown, founding member of the Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour, Marketing Director for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and Executive Director of Calgary's Caring Clown Association. Cheryl has had the opportunity to share humour & laughter with children in the hospital setting, seniors living in care facilities, corporate teams in the workplace, youth in career forums, and with many people from all walks of life just looking for more Humour & Laughter in their life. Cheryl is on the faculty of the World Laughter Tour and is dedicated to training CLL's in Canada, to share laughter with people in assisted living situations, people living with cancer and anyone who would benefit by attending a laughter club situation.  And now, let there be laughter, and let it begin with you! 
Phone: 403-203-0075
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Cheryl Ann Oberg has been selected as a recipient of an Alberta Centennial Medal. The Alberta Centennial Medal celebrates Alberta ’s first 100 years by paying tribute to Albertans whose achievements have benefited their fellow citizens, their community and their province. Premier Ralph Klein nominated Cheryl Ann Oberg for this award and will present it to her at 2 PM on Tuesday December 13th, at the Office of the Premier in Calgary's McDougall Centre.

To ensure that the medal is inclusive and recognizes a diversity of contributions, the criteria for nominations are broad. The medal can be awarded to living men, women and youth who:

  • have made significant contributions to their fellow citizens, their community and to Alberta, and
  • are Canadian citizens that reside in, or have resided in, Alberta.

Approximately 8,000 medals will be awarded to outstanding Albertans. Representatives from provincial organizations, governments and other groups have been asked to make the nominations. Only nominations submitted by these nominating partners will be accepted.

Names of recipients for the Alberta Centennial Medal will be announced and available online once all medals have been awarded.

The Design

The Alberta Centennial Medal is included in the Canadian Order of Precedence of orders, decorations and medals and may be mounted and worn with other official honours. The medal’s simple design features Alberta ’s coat of arms and “Alberta Centennial 1905-2005” on the front and shield of the arms and “Honouring Outstanding Albertans” on the back. It will be cast in bronze and plated in gold.


The Ribbon

The colours of the medal’s ribbon symbolize Alberta’s spirit and strengths. Blue and gold, Alberta’s provincial colours are most prominent in the ribbon. All the colours in the ribbon are taken from Alberta’s official emblems and heraldry.

Blue - clear skies and sparkling lakes
Gold - wheat fields and resource wealth
Green - forests
White - mountains
Pink - wild rose


  • World Laughter Tour Faculty / Certified Laughter Leader and Trainer
  • Humour  Funshop  Facilitator / Speaker
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Therapeutic Clown
  • Therapeutic Clown Instructor
  • Conference Planner and Promoter / Sales & Marketing Manager
  • Trade Shows / Advertising / Public Relations / Promotions

1994 - Present         JUST KIDDING Family Entertainment Inc.                   Partner / Director
2001 - Present          World Laughter Tour                                                      Faculty / Trainer
2001 - Present         Calgary’s Caring Clown Association                            Hospital Director
2001 - Present         Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour        Co – Chair 
2004 - Present         Alberta Children’s Hospital                                           Therapeutic Clown
2005 - Present         Association for Applied And Therapeutic Humor      Marketing Director
2005               Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor                  Tampa Bay, Florida
2005               Clown Character and Movement with Francine Cote          Winnipeg, Manitoba
2004               Compassionate End of life Care                                               Lethbridge, Alberta
2004               Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor                 San Francisco, California
2004               World Laughter Tour, Master Trainer for CLL’s                   Columbus, Ohio                   
2004               Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour                    Calgary, Alberta
2003               World Laughter Tour Symposium                                             Orlando, Florida
2003               Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor                  Chicago, Illinois
2003               Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour                    Calgary, Alberta
2002               World Laughter Tour  Certified Laughter Leader                Baltimore, Maryland
2002               Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor                  Baltimore, Maryland
2001               American Association for Therapeutic Humor                       San Diego, California

2005 – Current    Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humour  Marketing Director
2004 – Current    Highbanks Society                                      Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
2003 – Current    Peter Loughheed Hospital                            Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
2001 – 2004       Alberta Children’s Hospital                            Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
2001 – Current    Families Matter                                          Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
2001 – Current    Calgary’s Caring Clown Association                Executive Director /  Founder
2001 – Current    Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour President  /  Founding Member
2000 – Current    Canadian Red Cross                                    Abuse Prevention Educator
2000 -  Current   The Sheriff King Home (YWCA)                      Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
1997 - Current    The Kids Cancer Care Foundation                 Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
1995 - Current    Hospice Calgary                                         Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
1995 - Current    Agape Hospice                                           Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
2000 - 2001       Bearspaw Christian School                            Drama Coach
1998 - 2003       Girl Guides Of Canada                                  Volunteer  / Therapeutic Clown
1997 - 1998       Chinook Park Elementary School                    Drama Coach
1995 - 2003       Let’s Clown Around Alley #191                       Past President – Director
1993 - 1996       Calgary Regional Health Authority                   Fundraising
1993 - 1996       Rocky View Hospital Golf Tournament              Volunteer Coordinator
1995 - 1996       Rocky View Tourism Partners                         Marketing Director
1994 - 1995       Bert Church High School  (Airdrie)                  Drama Coach / Clown Workshop
1992 - 1995       Archer Foundation Of Canada                        Director             
1992 - 1995       "STEP INTO THE FUTURE" a  program for teens.  Marketing & Fundraising
1991 - 1995       Savior Faire Business Women's Club                Special Events Director
1993 - 1995       Chestermere Community Association              Food & Beverage Director
1994 - 1995       Town Of Chestermere                                   Parks Committee
1992 - 1995       Rocky View Golf Tournament                          Volunteer Coordinator
1992 - 1995       Chestermere  Blockwatch                              Coordinator
1994 - 1995       The Kidney Foundation of Canada                  Campaign Coordinator
1993 - 1994       Calgary Visitors and Convention Bureau           Fundraising
1993 - 1994       Heart & Stroke Foundation                            Campaigning
1991 - 1993       Calgary Sales & Marketing Club                       Board of Directors
1992 - 1993       Chestermere Agricultural Society                    Secretary
1983 - 1988       Safeway Employees Association                     President (Lethbridge SEA)
1982 - 1984       Park Meadows Playschool                             Founder & President
1980 - 1982       Airdrie Children’s World Playschool                  Director
1978 - 1981       Airdrie Girl Guides & Brownies                         Guider / Leader

I am a kind, happy, fun loving, resourceful person who has the gift to share smiles & laughter to all children... big, tall, short and small.  I have a great sense of humour and a healthy self-image. I am an effective communicator with the vision, wisdom and faith necessary to realize my dreams. I enjoy golfing, gardening, the laughter of a child and most of all projects with my husband, Kerry. I am the mother of Trevor (27) and Sherisse (25) who always keep me entertained with life.

I am Cheryl Ann Oberg!
I do what I love and I love what I do!

  • Alberta Report featured Dr. Patch Adams and Cheryl Ann Oberg in 2001 when Patch was in Calgary for "Live a Life of Joy and never have another bad day!" Presentation.  May 29th, 2001.
  • Cheryl Ann Oberg was chosen “CLOWN OF THE YEAR” at Clown Fun 2002 a Western Canadian Conference at the University of Calgary, by her peers. 
  • In December 2002, Avenue Magazine featured Cheryl Ann Oberg  aka "Miss Loosie" as one of the top ten Calgarian’s making a difference in the lives of children. 
  • In December 2002, CTdid a Canada wide feature on the benefits of laugher clubs, featuring Cheryl Ann Oberg and the Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour.
  • Alberta Parent Quarterly featured Miss Loosie in the February 2003 edition. 
  • In March 2003 the BBC Radio, from London, England did a radio interview with Miss Loosie from the Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour.  This was a call in program for people coping with the possible out break of War.  How can we still laugh at a time like this? 
  • In March 2003, CBC Television aired a national story about Miss Loosie and her ability to share humour and laughter with people living with cancer in the Hospice Calgary day program. See Video on Website
  • Global Television and the YWCA selected Cheryl Ann Oberg as “A WOMAN OF VISION” for April 2003.  See Video on Website in About Miss Loosie
  • Canadian Living Magazine featured Cheryl Ann Oberg in an article on "How Humour Heals" in the June 2003 issue.
  • Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor - AATH Humour Connection featured Cheryl Ann Oberg in the February 2004 publication.
  • The Toronto Star did a full page feature story on the Canadian Association for Therapeutic Humour Summit held in Calgary April 1st & 2nd. Featuring Cheryl.
  • The 8th Annual Flare Magazine Volunteer award for Community and Leadership goes to Cheryl Ann Oberg for her 1,958 hours of volunteer work in Calgary in 2003. See August 2004 issue of FLARE Magazine.  Follow up article in the September 2004, 25th Anniversary Edition.
  • The Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Province, Regina Leader Post and the Saskatoon News ran a story on the benefits of laughter and humour and featured the work of Cheryl Ann Oberg and the World Laughter Tour.  May / June 2004.
  • Global Television featured Cheryl Ann Oberg aka: Miss Loosie on the  Body & Health show in September, 2004.  The Body & Health program showcased Humour and Laughter in Health Care.  The Body & Health show is on daily across Canada.
  • Alberta Government and the Wild Rose Foundation  has just selected Cheryl Ann Oberg as a recipient of the 2004 Star of the Millennium Volunteer Award.  The induction to the Wall Of Fame was on December 3rd, 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta at the Legislative Building.
  • A day in the life of *SPARKLES* a therapeutic clown, pictorial in the Calgary Health Region APPLE magazine.  January / February 2005


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