Brad Kilb, BPE, MA
UCalgary Emeritus

Step into my world as a Kinesiology mentor, U Sports National Champion coach, and Outdoor Pursuits leader. The driving force during my 46 years of research is my insatiable curiosity to discover how to embody that gut-wrenching emotion, FEAR, as a partner rather than foe. My experiential teaching centers on facilitating the next generation of coaches and teachers to enter the uncomfortable as they learn to contol fearful moments, allowing them to become all they’ve been created to be.

“I can’t push aside my fear; it’somnipresent. Dancing with fear enables me to be more alive - to live a more profound and richer life.”

2022 Publicaton: My Friesen Bestseller memoir, My Love Affair with Fear shares real-life, riveting examples of how to value fear as a gift, the greatest tool for personal discovery of who my readers really are. Through masterful storytelling with a mix of humour, self-deprecation, extensive knowledge, and experience, this memoir re-creates heart-stopping moments of triumphs and setbacks.


  • Teaching Excellence Hall of Fame inductee, UCalgary
  • National Coach of the Year, U Sports Canada
  • Gold Medalist, Banff International Festival of Mountain Films
  • U Sports National Champion, UCalgary Dino Volleyball
  • Olympic Technical Official, London 2012
  • Co-author, 400 Plus volleyball Drills and Ideas, Bestseller
  • Editor, Volleyball Canada, 19,000 distribution
  • Author, Lake Canoeing
  • Top-Eight Head Coach,Volleyball World Championships, Brazil
  • Professional Volleyball Coach: Italy, Japan, Switzerland, and Canada.

Research Interests: Mentoring students and coaches in dealing with real and perceived fear.

Retirement Goals: Life means nothing if I choose to sit back in my comfort zone. I continue to mentor students, coaches and corporate leaders as I facilitate leadership seminars on ‘Embracing Fear’, ‘Building Culture’, and ‘Resilience’.

“I’ve been richly blessed with a meaningful life - not an easy one; not a perfect one; but one with perfect moments.”
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