Denis Grady

My name is Denis Grady and I have just released my first CD, entitled, "Running Too Long" on the Stable Music Label. The songs are all originals written over the last 20 years and recorded at several different studios. It all started with an invitation from the great gospel bluegrass picker Dennis Agajanian, who invited me to come to San Diego and record. Dennis rounded up a talented team of session players including brother Danny and bassist/producer Joel Weldon. The next sessions were recorded in Calgary with a special friend Roy Warhurst. Roy is an institution on the Canadian country music scene. He is a former member of the Sons of Pioneers. Amos Garrett sideman, Ron Casat was also a tremendous help on the production of several tunes. My good friend Blain Wilkins invited me to participate in a compilation session with Nashville's Bradley Hartman, a gifted engineer/producer who has worked with Emmylou Harris and Albert Lee. A year later, I hooked up with Jerry Proppe, a brilliant arranger/producer to complete the project. The recording will speak for itself. The songs have a storngly lyrical emphasis. We worked on a diverse melodic mix for variety.

I truly feel that there is a huge responsibility doing gospel music. There is a lot of work to be done in sending out a message of hope and promise to counter the confusion that seem rampant in the world. My deepest belief is that God generously makes His wisdom available to all people. The beauty of this wisdom is the amazing peace it brings. My walk has not always be a faithful one but as I came to believe in the Lord's promises to restore broken-ness and offer strength in weakness, I gained confidence in going forth with this music. Thank you to many special souls that have given me an encouraging affirmation in taking this path. It is a wonderful vocation to sing for God and to minister the Body of Christ. Why the Father would choose a lowly vessel as myself is simply testament to His rich mercy.

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