Aiofe Freeman, BA

Aiofe Freeman, BA Psych from the University of Calgary


Research interest: How the expressive arts can influence a person's cognitions and psychology to tackle problems of the the mind and body. Aiofe is also very interested in any topic related to clinical psychology.

Unpublished work for research course:

1) "The effects of an expressive arts approach on the self-esteem and coping styles of a traumatic brain injured population" - Aiofe Freeman and Gerrit Groeneweg. - This study was part of CLL's larger study that took a phenomenological approach to exploring traumatic brain injury and the individuals affected by it. Dr. Gerrit Groeneweg and I had included measures of self-esteem and coping to better understand a possible benefite of the expressive arts.

2) "Can creating art change the self-esteem and coping styles of the brain injured individual? Preliminary results" - A poster created for the Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference 2007. It was also presented at the Nursing Showcase, 2007. It is now being displayed in the West hallway of the Administration building (Psychology Department) at the University of Calgary.



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