Dr. Marja Cantell

Dr. Marja Cantell
Assistant Professor
Department of Paediatrics
(Adjunct in Faculty of Kinesiology and Department of Psychology) , Departments of Paediatrics and Community Health Sciences (Adjunct in Faculty of Kinesiology)

Office: Alberta Children’s Hospital , Tel. 955-7389 , Fax. 955-2772 , Email. mcantell@ucalgary.ca

Background , MA in Psychology 1991 (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) , Graduate Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy 1995 (Roehampton Institute, Surrey University, UK) , PhD in Psychology 1998 (University of Lancaster, UK) , Postdoctorate in Human Movement Science 1999 (University of Western Australia)

Research Interests , My research is mainly in the area of pediatric health and exercise psychology.  Some of my ongoing research projects related to motor development, physical activity and health outcomes are:

  • Y-Be-Active focuses on determinants of physical activity in preschool aged children and their families.
  • Coordination, Fitness and Health investigates the link between motor competence, physical fitness and risk for obesity and reduced cardiovascular health in children, adolescents and adults.
  • Physical activity, obesity and quality of life in children with kidney transplants examines the relationship between physical activity, physiological and psychological factors in a pediatric clinic population.
  • Intervention programs for children with motor learning problems evaluates and develops school and community based programs for children who find learning everyday motor tasks difficult.
  • Dance/Developmental movement in children with developmental delays examines the use of qualitative, dance and developmental movement based observation as a complimentary and multidisciplinary tool in the motor assessment of children with motor delays.

Research Support , Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, Astellas Pharma Canada, Robertson Fund for Cerebral Palsy Research

Publications (Last 5 years)

Cantell, M., & McGehee, D. (2006). Movement quality in children with developmental delay: midline and weight sensing as markers of adaptive movement development. Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy, 1(2), 129-141.

Kaplan, B., Crawford, S., Cantell, M., Kooistra, L., & Dewey, D. (2006). Comorbidity, co-occurrence, continuum: What’s in a name? Child: Care, Health and Development, 32, 723-731.

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Viholainen, H., Ahonen, T., Cantell, M., Tolvanen, A. & Lyytinen, H. (2006). Early motor development and later language and reading skills in children at risk for familial dyslexia”. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 48, 367-373.

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Cantell, M. & Kooistra, L. (2002). Long-term outcomes of Developmental Coordinati­on Disorder (pp. 23-38). In S. Cermak & D. Larkin (Eds.), Developmental Coordination Disorder: Theory and practice. Albany, NY: Delmar Thomson Learning.

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