Judith M. Campbell, Wholistic Wellness Facilitator & Author

Educated in public health nursing (now retired), Judith has had 30 years experience in community and occupational health nursing at the grass roots level, as well as in middle and senior management positions. She held the position of Assistant Director of the Ottawa Home Care Program for five years prior to moving to a position as (national) Manager Medical and Nursing Services for a major crown corporation, where she remained for ten years.

Her first book titled energywellness.ca was published in 2004, followed two years later by I Brake for Butterflies. From the material in these publications, Judith developed a two-year program for women titled A Journey With Your Spirit. She is currently working on a handbook on spirituality titled Care for the Caregiver, which is geared to both professional and family caregivers.

For more information on Judith’s work, you may visit her website:, www.energywellness.ca

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